Our Mission

Inspiring families to build caring relationships with each other, our neighbours and the broader community.

Our Vision

A vibrant, joyful child and family community where families connect, share, learn and grow.

Our Values

INCLUSIVITY (Openness, Kindness, Generosity, Trust, Friendship)


POSITIVITY (Celebration)

COLLABORATION (Mentorship, Reflection, Knowledge, Sharing, Leadership)

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  • Play and Learn Activities

    Play and Learn Activities

    Children participate in the range of developmentally appropriate ‘play and learn’ activities in our well organized, equipped and staffed playroom where they demonstrate growth in all developmental domains.

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  • Direct Family Support

    Direct Family Support

    Through direct family support parents and primary care-givers experience less isolation. Staff are at hand to connect with all participants.

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  • Parent Education and Skill Development

    Parent Education and Skill Development

    Parents who join our informal discussion groups and our pre-registered education and skill development groups have increased knowledge of child development. They are more aware of health, safety and discipline issues and know about ‘best practices’ in parenting. Parental skill development opportunities are an integral part of our centre programming – “learning more about my child’s temperament”...”listening and focusing on what I can do to change behavior positively.

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  • Outreach and Early Intervention Services

    Outreach and Early Intervention Services

    Through outreach strategies families who would not necessarily access community resources are enabled to attend flexible drop-in activities, make use of much needed concrete services (food, clothing, toys and books). They begin to build relationships with others and access additional resources to support themselves and their children.

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  • School Readiness and Literacy

    School Readiness and Literacy

    These programs are an integral part of each Family Centre drop-in session. Children participating in school readiness and early literacy programs develop the prerequisite skills - social, emotional and intellectual - to ensure a smooth transition to kindergarten.

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  • Community Referral and Information

    Community Referral and Information

    Parents accessing our referral and information resources are linked to their community, building a wider supportive network for themselves and for their children. Children who require extra supports (for example speech and language assessment, health information) are identified, referred to appropriate resources and very importantly, staff at the centre support families during the process.

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  • Volunteer Experience and Training

    Volunteer Experience and Training

    The drop-in program is a welcoming and supportive setting where community volunteers, who may include parent mentors and other care-givers, develop workplace and specific professional skills, as well as a sense of belonging.

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Mount Pleasant Family Centre invites families with children 0 to 6 years old to become a member. Members are entitled to free drop-in programming, a supervised playroom, a comfortable space for adults to talk and meet other parents and caregivers, and much more.

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