April 18, 2016

MPFC and Refugee Families at Science World and Aquarium

Written by Mount Pleasant Family Centre Society

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Our Family Centre facilitated two field trips last month for both the MPFC member families and the refugee families in our Circles of Care and Connection Program thanks to the one-time-only grant from the VCH Population Health Community Investments Team. 


20 adults and 31 children from the Circles of Care and Connection Early Years Refugee Program and 17 adults and 22 children from Mount Pleasant Family Centre (total 37 adults and 53 children) attended the Science World Field trip. A special bubble show was set up for our families by Science World. There were lots of activities and exhibits for the parents and children to participate in.


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Here is some feedback that we heard :  “we always saw this place from the skytrain but never knew what it was, we appreciate you bringing us”, “we would not have been able to afford this on our own”, “it is nice to get away from the everyday stress and enjoy family time-thank you”, “we enjoy the field trips CCC does for us as it would be difficult on our own”, “the children loved today and we also got to play”.


The trip to the Vancouver Aquarium was attended by 34 adults and 40 children. As a way of connecting the families from both programs, we passed out single playing cards, to be matched up with the same  card number. This resulted in a few families getting together and sharing stories. Some families met at lunch time to visit and many families traveled home together on transit.


The families again gave great feedback, such as: “I have walked by this place many times but could not go in as it was difficult to afford, I am so happy that I get to take my family today”. The families enjoyed a packed lunch and got to see some great shows, the weather was perfect and some families stayed and spent the day by the water.


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This grant created opportunities for the refugee families and our local member families to participate in organized field trips together, facilitating enhanced social integration and mutual cultural understanding.

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