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Best Practices

June 6, 2017 Written by ROI-admin

"The Mount Pleasant Family Centre's programs comprise an incredibly affordable, high-quality community resource. The expert staff and professionally led programs are a shining example of best practices in support of family health, connections, and opportunity for low-income and established families alike."

First Time Mom

June 6, 2017 Written by ROI-admin

"I am a first time mom and so happy to come here to meet other moms and play and learn together. Thank you to the great staff."

Supported and Understood

June 6, 2017 Written by ROI-admin

"I feel really supported and understood as a parent and my children can play happily! Thank you!"

Parent Programmes

June 6, 2017 Written by ROI-admin

"Mount Pleasant Family Centre have great services for parents and children - ABC class, parent programmes. Really doing good; staff very nice. Thanks!"

Great Community Space

June 6, 2017 Written by ROI-admin

"It gives me a place to come to meet other mums, a place for my son to play and learn - it's a great community space."

Space is Beautiful

June 6, 2017 Written by ROI-admin

"The staff are amazing! So warm and friendly and always there to greet you with a smile! And the space is beautiful - inspiring, creative, and always a new adventure for the littles. SUCH a great place!"

Community of Support

June 6, 2017 Written by ROI-admin

"Best playgroup and staff in Vancouver. I come twice a week and it has been a lifesaver with two children. The staff and programs are extremely helpful when I am having parenting challenges and issues I am dealing with - sleep, behavior, eating, development, etc. I have made friends with other parents and feel more like I live in a community of support. My very active child also thrives in this environment and is always excited to come. I don't know what I would do without it!"

Truly Engaged

June 6, 2017 Written by ROI-admin

"This wonderful place with the truly engaged and involved staff has been singularly instrumental in helping me raise my pre-school aged child for the last three years. As a lonely immigrant, I would have been oftentimes LOST without this place."

Thriving Community

June 6, 2017 Written by ROI-admin

"It has rejuvenated me on numerous occasions. It has reminded me that we live in a strong, thriving community. I have always felt supported from the very moment I walked in the door. I feel love here. I have learned a lot about the kind of parent I want to be from the guidance of the Family Centre. It makes my kids happy, it makes me feel happy."

Happy Place

June 6, 2017 Written by ROI-admin

"The Family Centre is my happy place where my girls and I feel completely at home. We love you all!"

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Mount Pleasant Family Centre invites families with children 0 to 6 years old to become a member. Members are entitled to free drop-in programming, a supervised playroom, a comfortable space for adults to talk and meet other parents and caregivers, and much more.

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