Volunteer at MPFCS

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If you want to know more about our Volunteer positions, send us an email at info@mpfamilycentre.ca!

Playroom Volunteers

You will be treated like one of the team while practicing your skills in a variety of Early Childhood Education curriculum areas such as arts and crafts, story time, singing, table toys, gross motor activities and imaginary play.

Volunteer for the Playroom!

Early Years Refugee Program Volunteers

You will have an opportunity to help and support newly arrived refugee families while practicing your skills in a variety of early childhood development areas. The CCC family resource program is offered at the new Welcome Centre, 2610 Victoria Drive.

Volunteer for the Early Years Refugee Program!


Adult Program Volunteers

Share your knowledge and interests with other parents, such as sewing/quilt making, cooking, baking, gardening and anything else that the FSW’s can assist you to facilitate.

Volunteer for the Adult Program!


Special Events/Celebrations

Each year, MPFCS hosts a variety of special events/celebrations that require many volunteers to ensure success. If this interests you and you can spare a few hours to help set up or tear down, would like to join the fun of planning or would like a special job on event day, please let us know. “Many hands make light work!” And no contribution is too small.

Volunteer for Special Events/Celebrations!


Odd Jobs

Maintenance of the building is the responsibility of the Family Centre and occasionally things need repair that require skills such as carpentry, plumbing and general “fix it”. It is an important cost saving strategy for the Centre to be able to call upon a neighbor to assist us, so let us know if you can help!

Volunteer for the Odd Jobs!


Become a Board Member

As a volunteer you’ll get to work together with a group of amazing, creative and multi talented people. You will have the chance to learn about how a non-profit organization works and runs efficiently; you may also get the chance to hone your leadership and delegation skills as a committee chair or executive member.

And you get the satisfaction of giving back to a program that does wonderful things for the community and perhaps has made a difference in your life.

Another positive thing is that childcare is provided at the regular board meetings each month and we take turns cooking and chairing the meetings. So you get to learn how to lead the group and taste a variety of new foods, although take out works just as well too. (A $30 reimbursement is provided for food expenses if needed.)

Become a Board Member!

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